The Fallen Gods

5067 August 4th

96 Miles from Delith, Astravora's Keep

This journey has been very easy before today. All day on a horse does tend to really make you feel some interesting pain in your…areas, but it sure beats walking this distance. Two days passed without event. Some small towns along the way, many beautiful things to see amidst the war torn countryside. We don’t talk too much, the party that is. Sarah does enough for the lot of us. Plus I think the way we were all paired together with no real background… some of the soldiers here are stoic, somber characters. The dwarf and the ‘paladin’ especially. Barrus is charming and Keecree, well, he is a curious individual.

Today, the voyage started off normally until just after mid-afternoon, we were spotted by a band of bandits (tee hee band of bandits, as if they could play anything) who promptly attacked us! It was horrible. So much needless bloodshed. Luckily, by Mother’s Mercy, were able to over power them with no casualties on our side, and we even spared six of them. Keecree was able to knock three out, I one, and Koromor and I made the leader yield. After healing, reviving, and performing rites for the dead, we were able to learn where they were from and headed that way.

This is a huge complex and a huge operation they were running. My heart goes out to all the plundered and pillaged homes and families of this land. I hope to return to them after my mission to Zaira. The whole thing was being led by an awful woman named Astravora. We met briefly. She really doesn’t like me. I read some verses and played coy with her and she attacked me with such ferocity. By my Mother’s Mercy, I was protected. Not a single blow landed on me. Then our brave and noble Koromor challenged Astravora to a duel on my behalf. He is a great man underneath all his crass hardness. I know it. The two exchanged blow for blow with our man besting her in combat. She was true to her word and all the bandits packed up and left, leaving us to rest for the night. I am so happy that more blood wasn’t unnecessarily spilled.

Once everyone had left, Valan accompanied me and guarded my while I communed with mother. Turns out, this sword hilt I found is a Sun Blade. We all found some magical items so thats nice. Right now we are waiting for morning to come so we can continue on. I know I’ve skipped over a lot, but I am tired and, well, I am scared. The images of our battle keep flashing through my head. So much blood. The sounds, oh, the sounds. The pale lifeless bodies lying on the ground as we dragged them in row and administered to them. It was horrible. I’ve cried so much today, but I didn’t let anyone see. Even now, all are sleeping, I let my tears fall, but quietly because Aeofel is meditating. They can’t see me like this. I am the cleric, I am the light. I am my mother’s Paragon. I am stronger than this.



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